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03 Oct


A New Era: What is Craze & Why?

October 3, 2013 | By |

Craze is the start of a new era in entertainment marketing… The previous era was one where I spent many years watching the entertainment industry evolve – and specifically viewed that evolution to one of embracing technology and deeper incorporation of fashion, brands and other arts.

For decades the model has been unbelievably segmented. Similar the entertainment industry’s forward growth, I’ve watched first hand marketing capabilities have also evolved significantly. The tools now available to us inform customers about exactly the products, services and entertainment they want with unprecedented focus  – We give them EXACTLY what they want, EXACTLY when they first want it…. Ultimately leading to greater sales, more people at events, more brands being experienced. At the same time, data available on consumer habits allow us to directly target people who MAY be interested with a high degree of certainty new products, services and entertainment. It’s the perfect storm.

Craze Promotions & Media is that perfect merger of utilizing the power of entertainment and substantially increasing each of those entertainment experiences value by incorporating fitting and complimentary brands. At the same time, we give entertainment lovers never before seen access & incentive to participate in events as well as the brands we integrate.

We’re looking forward to working with you as your business evolves with the industry.

– Chris Bauman

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Craze Promotions & Media is a boutique marketing firm engaging consumers at their most memorable life experiences.

Craze has the entertainment fan’s pulse on live music events, performances, brands and latest trends. Craze offers a powerful solution for music venues, clubs, professional sporting and companies eager to reach consumers of all types.

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