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March 25, 2013

Kellogg LogoKellogg Sports Business Conference

Craze’s Chris Bauman to Speak at Kellogg/Northwestern Univ. Sports Business Conference

Craze’s Chris Bauman will speak at the Kellogg / Northwestern University 2013 Sports Business Conference with Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts, ESPN’s Michael Wilbon & others.

Sports  business is a multi-billion dollar industry that has seen tremendous growth  over recent years. Harnessing that growth increasingly requires teams, leagues,  and sports-related organizations to push beyond traditional approaches to more  data-driven, analytical methods. The 2013 Kellogg Sports Business Conference, “Driving Strategic Growth in Sports” will provide a discussion  of a number of areas within the sports business landscape that are being  reshaped by this powerful shift.

When: Apirl 13, 2013


February 19, 2013

Do312 Tastemaker Spotlight

Do312 Tastemaker Spotlight: Chris Bauman & Craze Promotions

By Scott | Published: February 20, 2013

Here is this week’s dose from Chicago’s Tastemakers! Each week we check in with our 60+ Chicago movers and shakers to see what’s going on around town. Stay tuned each week to get each week’s wrap and next week’s view! Our weekly Tastemaker Spotlight will let you get to know our Tastemakers a bit better because they’re more than a name online, they’re bringing you the hottest events Chicago has to offer!

This week we bring you news from Chris Bauman, local entertainment entrepreneur and music enthusiast!

Hi Chris! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ok, I’ll start at the beginning: I was born in Memphis, “home of the blues, birth place of rock & roll”, literally right next to Justin Timberlake back in 1981. From an early age I watched my my grandfather manage his small Chicago-based music publishing company named Chordcraft, which he founded back in 1967, writing and producing Barbershop, Children’s, Gospel & Country Music. When I was 6, my family moved up to Chicago which gave me the opportunity to day in and day out grow up in his recording studio. This was really the spark that started the fire, so to speak, and what nurtured my passion for music in general. I have still yet to find anything that makes me feel more alive than sharing a truly great song, musician, or concert with other people. This is why I got into this business, to help create and introduce people to the experiences that truly define our lives and have become somewhat of a serial entertainment entrepreneur ever since.

You recently co-founded a company based in New York named T Presents and you’re about to launch a new company called Craze Promotions here in March. Care to share a little bit about your new endeavors?

Sure. T Presents is a talent booking / event production company exclusively managing talent for popular venues in New York, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan & Iowa. We’re also laying the foundation to begin presenting events in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin starting this Summer. The company books bands, DJ’s & other talent at all stages from small rooms up to major festivals.

Craze will be launching in early March and is really a fan’s passport to new experiences, exclusive promotions & new ways to enjoy entertainment. At the same time, the company’s ultimate focus is providing music venues, clubs, artists & brands with innovative ways to engage entertainment lovers.

What audience does Craze Promotions cater to and what kind of awesome events will you be promoting in the upcoming months?

Craze will cater to both young & old, and all different genres of entertainment. One thing that’s unique about “crazes” is that they are almost always cross generational, meaning while a certain group of people usually pick up on the “next big thing”, it somehow always manages to make its way up to your grandparents dinner table conversation and all the way down to your children asking questions and singing all the words to some new hit song. That’s just the nature of crazes and why we chose the name. We’re going to be featuring all types of both real world and online based events, introducing entertainment lovers to a brand new world of experiences. You’ll want to sign up and stay tuned.

You’re also a partner at Rockstar Financial, care to share a little bit about the company?

Having worked with and gotten to know many entertainment professionals well over the years (bands, DJ’s, actors, dancers, models, businesses, etc.), I found there was a recurring theme of not having access to the same type of services a “normal” working person might get from their corporate job. This makes long term financial stability hard and many times forces very talented people to abandon their passions. Rockstar Financial attempts to plug that gap, offering services, guidance and tools that are specifically designed for entertainers and entertainment-related businesses. We give access to the retirement accounts, money management and insurance policies necessary to create long term stability, understanding that in this business getting the same amount of money in each month is virtually impossible, and we designed our firm to help with that issue.

What kind of criteria must an entertainer fill in order to be considered eligible for services offered by Rockstar Financial?

You need a pulse and a willingness to learn. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have in assets, tax returns or no tax returns, insurance or no insurance – the purpose of Rockstar Financial is to meet you where you are financially and help you get to where you’d like to ultimately be.

Awesome! What would be the top five headlining artists for your ideal music festival line-up?

The Fugees, Ace of Base, Porter Robinson, Lucky Boys Confusion & Nirvana (3D Halogram)

You’ve heard of this strange phenomenon called the “Winter Time Blues”; any tricks/tips for beating the remaining bummer cold days ahead?

Yes, Whiskey. I also find that I can make myself significantly happier if I sneak into some sort of indoor pool area, find a large plant and move it near me as I sit by that pool for a few hours a week, imagining that plant is a palm tree and I’m not in Chicago. That helps.

Awesome! Thanks, Chris! Check out more on what Mr. Bauman is up to, Craze Promotions, T Presents and Rockstar Financial here:


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