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Craze has the ability to reach millions of consumers nationally and use your distressed or unsold ticket inventory to direct these consumers through your doors.


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How it works

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Different from “deal sites”, Craze gives away distressed ticket inventory very last minute for free or sells at a discount to potential customers who have been specifically targeted and who originally were not going to attend a particular event. Additionally, we incorporate 3rd party sponsor brands to act as the facilitators of the promotion, eliminating any customer lash back on the lower priced tickets.


Average non-sold tickets or vacancy at entertainment events ranges dependent on the industry, however, most venue owners can relate to 80% of all events don’t sell out and it’s typical for over 40% of all available ticket inventory to go unsold. No matter how targeted full price tickets are marketed, there will inevitably be extra capacity at your events. Craze helps to make sure that the maximum amount of people are in attendance each time, reaching those who were not going to attend in the first place – We mobilize them through your doors.


The Results

LinePic2In certain markets where we are better established, and depending on the specific event being promoted, Craze has the ability to direct hundreds upon hundreds of people to particular venue only hours before the doors open. Many times promotions can be launched up to 6 hours before an event’s starting time and still see extremely good results, giving our clients the ability to maximize advanced ticket sales.

In smaller and less established markets, Craze can still help. Our motto here is whether 1 more person shows up to your event, or 800 more come, as long as there are more people walking through your doors then would have originally came, you’re in better shape. While we may not be able to bring out hundreds to your events in these circumstances, there will be more people attending by working with us and as we continue to grow, as do the people continually stepping foot through your gates.


Getting Started

Getting going is easy. All we’ll need to know is the event, the date, the discount you’d like to offer or promotion details, and you’re all set! Contact us now to get started.

Distressed Inventory Clients Include:
  • Music Venues & Festivals
  • Night Clubs
  • Casino Entertainment Venues
  • Brand Product Tastings & Launch Parties
  • Professional Sporting Teams
  • Golf Courses
  • Haunted Houses
  • Amusement & Water Parks
  • And many others…

If you think your distressed ticket inventory or extra capacity would fit with the Craze model, please contact us!


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Craze has the entertainment fan’s pulse on live music events, performances, brands and latest trends. Craze offers a powerful solution for music venues, clubs, professional sporting and companies eager to reach consumers of all types.

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