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Craze Promotions email and mobile marketing consistently outperforms standard marketing results for entertainment businesses. Such results come from a targeted and strategic approach together with a significant amount successful experience.

Craze Promotions Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

We know how to both reach the customers you need to reach while at the same time increase your email based ticket sales in unprecedented fashion. While results will vary client to client, our targeted approach and delivery system will increase your ability to get more people through your door week to week – Many times, we knock standard email open and click-through rates out of the park.


Craze Promotions Email Marketing Click Through Rates


How We Can Work With You

There are a few ways we can work with you – whether you like controlling the majority of your e-marketing or you’d much prefer someone else handle it, we can help.

1. We can handle your business’ entire e-marketing vertical. What does that mean?

  • Our in house graphic designers will create engaging emails weekly on your behalf
  • We will manage your existing database and help you grow your numbers
  • Each week we will send out appropriate and hyper-targeted emails to your database
  • We will send automated emails for touch points such as customer birthdays and other promotions
  • You get reports on how things are going and continually A/B testing to increase conversions

2. You give us the creative and database, we’ll hyper-target and send. What does that mean?

  • You give us the creative and email HTML weekly for your blasts
  • Provide us with your database: we’ll store, manage and optimize it to maximize customer value
  • Our database software will automatically segment your customers out weekly by their various preferences such as musical tastes, geographic location, birthdays, sex, and dozens of other targeted variables.
  • A weekly plan will be created to target your database by upcoming events, etc.
  • We will blast out hyper-targeted emails weekly to your customers on your behalf.

We believe that people are best suited to directly manage what they know best, and understand the tremendous amount of responsibilities being juggled week to week by our clients – We are here to help. When you work with Craze, you’re working with experts in entertainment email marketing and will not only have your brand looking fantastic, your database optimized, but in turn increase ticket sales as a direct result.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile text message (SMS) marketing continues to be a premium way to get information out to your customers. Very similar to email marketing, we can in the same fashion both manage this database for you as well as hyper-target your customers – getting them the information they want, when they want it, helping increase its numbers & sales conversion rates.

Additionally, we do build out mobile applications for iPhone and Android. Not only do we do them, we do them extremely affordably. While we see SMS messaging typically garnish the best mobile marketing results, having a mobile application is a great way to position your brand as up-to-date and in touch with the latest trends. It’s also a fantastic way to pick up new customers who may be introduced to your application through the various application stores.