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Craze provides a one stop solution for live entertainment video streaming – managing all legal licensing, video production and technology requirements – turning local events into international sensations.

Killers Live Stream Master (1500x500)

What We Provide

Live Streaming Services


  • 3-5 Professional Camera Men
  • Customizable, Embeddable Video Player(s)
  • Branded Landing Page For Viewers
  • Pay-Per-View Transactional Capabilities
  • Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Page Integrations
  • iPhone, Android & iPad Compatible Viewing
  • Content Licensing Legal Services
  • Viral Social Engagement Platform
  • Sponsor & Pre-Roll Commercial Integrations
  • Permanent Venue/Club Video Camera Install
  • Bandwidth, Encoding & Professional Production
  • Viewer Demographics & Contact Information
  • Sponsor / Artist Marketing Collaborations & Integrations
  • Expanded Affiliate Network Marketing
  • And More….


Who We’ve Worked With

Craze offers ongoing project management for your live streaming needs, successfully executing streamed events with industry leading popular talent.

With the many moving pieces necessary to produce the quality and virtual experience you want for your viewers, the Craze team brings decades of experience and a rounded approach, creating success time and time again.

Talent Streamed:

Craze Talent

And the list goes on…


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Craze Promotions & Media is a boutique marketing firm engaging consumers at their most memorable life experiences.

Craze has the entertainment fan’s pulse on live music events, performances, brands and latest trends. Craze offers a powerful solution for music venues, clubs, professional sporting and companies eager to reach consumers of all types.

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