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Craze Promotions integrates fitting sponsors into our various partners and clients events, offering a unique 360 degree engagment model. Below are some of the ways we can increase your brands reach and put it in the hands of consumers you’re looking for.

Brand Integration Opportunities

  • Sampling at Live Events – All Types and Genres
  • Live Video Streaming Brand Placement
  • Free & Discounted Ticket Giveaway’s
  • Festival Booths & Sponsorships
  • Retail Point-Of-Sale Promotional Ticket Integrations
  • Unique Experiential Marketing Platform Development
  • And Much More…

Please contact us today about upcoming integration opportunities.


Why Is Craze Different?

We provide national reach platforms as well as geo-specific brand integrations, giving you total flexibility and control on where you’d ultimately like your brand to be. At the same time, we offer an extremely diverse demographic reach as well as have the ability to hyper-target these demographics in the geographic markets of your choice using multiple touch points.

Craze integrates your brand within consumers most memorable life experiences – creating impressions that last forever and good will that directly effects your company’s bottom line.